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Caleb Hess

Picture of Caleb flat on a train track

My name is Caleb, a native of Arkansas, but I consider myself a Louisianian at heart. At the tender age of 13, I relocated to Raceland, LA, where I completed my high school education in 2018. Following my graduation, I served in the US Army for two years, receiving an honorable discharge due to unforeseen medical circumstances.

Upon my return to Louisiana, I found myself yearning for a change of pace from the rural lifestyle, leading me to the vibrant city of New Orleans. This city, brimming with culture and creativity, has greatly influenced my artistic passion and I proudly call it my home.

As an artist, I express myself through various mediums. Acrylic painting on canvas is my preferred method, but I also enjoy the unique art of embroidery, or as I like to call it, "thread painting". This involves creating intricate designs on canvas using thread.

Thread Painting

Currently, I am expanding my creative horizons by studying Advanced Computer Science at the University of Advancing Technology Online. This has allowed me to explore the fascinating world of coding and digital vector art using SVG.

My appreciation for art in its various forms is deep-seated. I am constantly driven by my curiosity and inspiration to explore different creative outlets, and I find joy in expressing myself through poetry, painting, coding, and digital art.